Bluebottle K3

Kite board with full sandwich technology, constructed from a lightweight EPS core with perimeter stringer, deck, and bottom in Airex. Glassed with epoxy and S-glass.
5.900,00 kr
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Bluebottle Custom

Custom windsurf board, designed by Ola Helenius and produced by us at Bluebottle...
14.900,00 kr

Bluebottle S4

With its reduced length and wider outline, Bluebottle S4 is the perfect choice for smaller waves. It's primarily design to be used with quad fins, but can also be provided with five plugs.
4.200,00 kr

Bluebottle S5

Our new S5-model is designed to work in any type of conditions. The wide outline makes it easy to catch waves while the narrow tail combined with a standard shortboard rocker make the board easy to control in bigger waves.
4.200,00 kr